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My aim as a Yoga teacher is to facilitate each student’s personal Yoga journey. Anything I teach is adapted to suit and benefit the individual and I particularly enjoy the challenge (and rewards!) of working with students of different ages and abilities, including those with health conditions, limited mobility or injuries. The natural environment for this subtle, student centred approach is a small group or one-to-one setting, which is what my teaching has gradually evolved towards.

About the Yoga I teach

I teach a subtle form of Hatha Yoga, which is based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. This is a gentle, yet very effective approach, as it uses the natural propensity of the body to move - and breathe - in certain ways, without imposing any forceful techniques. In other words, we try to restore natural body mechanics, rather than superimposing a system which might never remove the root causes of physical imbalances.

In this approach to Yoga, the Asanas (postures) are a means to an end, rather than the end. They provide a varied framework in which to listen to the body, explore its reaction to the breath and gravity and create the conditions for freedom of movement and physical expression to occur. It’s a process of allowing the inner intelligence of the body to come forth, overriding the constrictions of the mind. The “bodywork” becomes a doorway to the beauty and stillness which lies within all of us.

About me

I have been practising Yoga for 29 years and teaching it for 24. I initially trained with the British Wheel of Yoga (the governing body for Yoga in Britain) and gained their Diploma in 1995.

Through various exceptional teachers (the main one being John Stirk) I subsequently discovered the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, which revolutionised my practice and teaching, making my experience of Yoga much deeper and more instinctive. Thanks to regular practice and input from my teachers, this experience is constantly evolving, so that I can always bring a fresh perspective to my practice and teaching.


All my lessons are being held online until further notice

  • West Hampstead
  • Mondays, 8.00-9.30 pm
  • Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club
  • 25 Alvanley Gardens
  • London NW6 1JD
  • Online class on Zoom
  • Wednesdays, 8.00 - 9.30 pm.

One-to-one tuition

This takes place in the comfort of your home. Locations covered are North West London (West Hampstead area) and Hertfordshire (Watford area). You can choose to have a basic session (60 min.s)* or a full session (90 min.s), which will generally take place once a week. A full session can be shared by up to 4 people.

I also provide group tuition in private homes, businesses, schools, etc. Please, contact me should you wish to discuss this type of arrangement.

* Only available in the Watford area.

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